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Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Different Sameness : March

Some of my favorite afternoons are spent with O on my bed. The light in my room is so crisp and sweet at this time of day and I love nothing more than scooping him up, tossing him on the covers and tickling him head to toe. This months topic was "revelry" and I can't think of a better example of this in our lives than our son. I think it's kind of a step further than joy, more of a loud, crazy excitement. I am always amazed at the complete weirdos Horace and I become when its just us and O hanging out. He really does bring out the loud Italian side of our name. Revelry to me is almost too much fun. Anyone with even a bit of introversion feels really uncomfortable in the midst of revelry, unless its just you and a toddler throwing socks, crawling under bent knees and laughing until it hurts on a bed in the afternoon. 

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  1. This portrait reflects such love and light and laughter. Joy! It reminds me of my favorite moments with my daughters. Beautiful.