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Monday, August 22, 2016

Mom's Bedroom Makeover || Brooklinen

My mom, Cheryl, is an incredible woman. She has always been close to me and has been such an amazing encouragement to me throughout the years. A few years ago, her life took a turn that she was not expecting and she decided to throw herself into a new pursuit that would fulfill a life long dream of working in the medical field. After high school, my mom got her medical certificate, but ended up getting married and working with my dad for the next thirty years, supporting him and my sister, brother and I. She worked at our private school so that we could attend and she always made us dinner and drove us to soccer and lacrosse and choir and everything else. She was an incredibly supportive mom. When my dad left our family about 6 years ago, my mom decided it was time to pursue a new career and direction, so she started going to college to get her Nursing degree, in between working and caring for my aging Grandma. My mom is now 2 semesters away from becoming a Registered Nurse, working as a Tech at a hospital, lovingly caring for Granny and she has never been happier. I cannot wait to see her finish and complete this hard earned degree!

A few months ago, her house flooded, which prompted her to redo the flooring which prompted her to redo the 30 year old bathroom and bedroom. After long days on her feet, she wanted a place to relax and unwind. Her bedroom turned out simple and stunning. I reached out to the amazing company Brooklinen and after hearing her story, they were kind enough to give my mom the bedding of her dreams:) They outfitted my mom's bed with the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in her preferred Bedford Smoke Stripe and Solid White. 

Horace and I have a set of the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheets and I can say with absolute confidence that they are the best sheets I've ever owned! I spent a long time researching them after spending a lot of money on sheets that would stretch and fall apart every few months. We've had this one set for over a year and they are still snug and lovely. They are worth every penny of the price and I need to get another set for our new Guest Bedroom while I'm thinking about it:) 

Thank you so much to Brooklinen for being so generous to my mom (she cried:). Another big thanks to ARC Contracting for helping mom to make her vision come to life. 

Take a look at her lovely room transformation (she DIY'd her headboard!) and my cute kids loving on their Grandma and of course make sure to check out Brooklinen and their perfect bedding!

Friday, August 19, 2016


 We found a peach tree in our yard. It had four peaches on one branch. We ate them. They were delicious. 

Canon Elan 7, Portra 400, Citizens Photo, Scanned at home!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Up and Running

I'm back after a long hiatus here. I'm not much of a writer, but I love sharing my photos and little updates and fun finds and whatnot, so I'm going to keep doing that. I often have little things I'll come across that stay floating around in my mind until someone says something that reminds me of it and I burst with excitement over finally figuring out how to clean my wood floors, or that weird thing I found on Craigslist or the amazing deal I got on some instagram shop. So I'm going to share those things here along with occasional photo posts about stuff I like and people that mean something to me. Follow along if anything above sounds fun to you! 

Something I'll keep sharing forever is my friend Kristina's label Fischer Clothing (I'm wearing one of her jumpsuits above). Her clothes are made here in the USA and are made with the most beautiful fabrics and flattering designs. I have a few of her pieces and they mean so much to me. I love having clothing that is thoughtful and unique and I know will be staples in my closet for years to come. Get in one some of her stuff over at www.fischerclothing.com.

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Family Table || Giveaway!

Head over to my Instagram (@jmtrovato) today for a sweet giveaway! The Family Table is a lovely cookbook full of approachable and wonderful recipes from husband and wife Ariana and Grant and their six children. You can win a copy of the cookbook yourself and also get a code for a nice discount:)
I'll be doing a few more giveaways leading up to Christmas so keep an eye out for more!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

California 2015 || San Francisco

California in August 2015. Horace and I got to go on a trip sans kids for about a week. We drank so much coffee (woke up to Blue Bottle in my hand one morning), ate so much amazing food and took so many photos. We flew into San Francisco, drove down to LA and then ended in San Diego. I was thinking of writing it all out, but decided that bullet points are my favorite way of remembering our trips:) For San Francisco, we stayed at Hotel Whitcomb (cool old hotel, right downtown, we would stay further north next time) and we got an awesome deal on a rental car from Alamo, just fyi. I'll share the Pacific Coast Highway, LA and San Diego another day!

San Francisco

- Blue Bottle all day every day. We went to a few locations and loved how simple they have their setup. Everything is very low key and basic. Simple really great espresso. No flavors. No craziness. And the friendliest baristas we've ever met.
- Alta CA - Beef Tendon puffs | Gin and Tonic (house made citrusy tonic)
- Deli across the street from Hotel Whitcomb | Delicious sausage and egg breakfast sandwich
- Muir Woods
- Foreign Cinema - Brunch was amazing - Goat cheese with figs, ham and cheese sandwich, smoked tuna on greens, beautiful restaurant

- We took the afternoon to do some photography galleries and managed to see a few before closing time. SF Camerawork was sweet and the Book and Job Gallery had a great exhibit.
- Twin Peaks - Highest point on SF. We drove through really cute neighborhoods and loved seeing the city at moonrise.
- Ino Vino - tiny Italian wine bar/pizza. We happened upon this place coming down form Twin Peaks and we loved it. A cheese plate with big pieces of cheese! Great pizzas and bruschetta.
- Alice's Restaurant- We visited Horace's cousin in Palo Alto and he and some friends took us up this crazy drive to Alice's at the top of a mountain. Great beer and hearty road food.
- Pescadero beach - Amazing cliffs and perfect beach.
- Philz Coffee - This place was kind of a pour over coffee bar without any pretension? It was SO good.
-Alamo Square - Beautiful view of the city and who doesn't want to see the Full House Houses, amiright? This whole area was just gorgeous at sunset.

p.s. we got our film developed at Citizens Photo, our recent favorite. To see more photos of the restaurants we visited and the stupid amount of succulents we came across, head over here :)

Pacific Coast Highway, Los Angeles and San Diego coming up next!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Booboos' Bonnets || Instagram Giveaway!

Little L is such a sweet bean. She is smiling most of the time and if she's not smiling, she's squishing her face up to make you laugh. It amazes me how much personality you can see if kids at such a young age. The only thing that makes L even cuter is when she is wearing a bonnet (for O, whenever he wears overalls, he can basically throw milk on the floor and it'll look adorable). Booboos' Bonnets are the best mix of classic, playful and wearable bonnets for kids up to 4 years old. I'm seriously in love with the bonnet Sophie sent Lenora. The fabric is thick, but even in the summer sun, it didn't make L overheat or seem uncomfortable (perfect for the nice fall weather we're seeing now!). Sopie makes sure to use really fine materials for her bonnets, which makes these so special and really something to treasure. There are a lot of girl colors, but there is this beautiful Navy one for the boys (yes, I totally would have had O in one when he was a babe:). L is wearing a 12-18 month size, so while a tad roomy right now, she'll have plenty of time to grow with the bonnet. Thank you so much Sophie for the sweet bonnet!

Check out Booboos' Bonnets and make sure to follow Sophie on Instagram and Facebook.
While you're browsing her shop, pick your favorite and head over to my Instagram (@jmtrovato) for a giveaway where you can win your choice of a bonnet!
The giveaway will be open until next Friday.